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Power Rangers Samurai 2011: The Cast of the New Power Rangers.

Posted by OujaStrike on August 6, 2010

The New Ranger cast has been confirmed.

Updated i finally changes the Names that were confirmed over 1-2 months ago:

When i find out Wesley’s new name i will add it.

Alex Heartman. Jayden, Red Samurai Ranger

Najee-De-Tiege. Kevin, Blue Samurai Ranger

Hector David Jr. Mike, Green Samurai Ranger

Brittany Pirtle. Emily, Yellow Samurai Ranger

Erika Fong. Mia, Pink Samurai Ranger

Steven Skyler. Antonio, Gold Samurai Ranger

Thanks goes to Members of Rangerboard, RangercrewHenshin Justice Unlimited for all of the Info.


26 Responses to “Power Rangers Samurai 2011: The Cast of the New Power Rangers.”

  1. […] Power Rangers Samurai 2011: The Cast of the New Power Rangers. (via Ouja Strike’s Blogs) Posted on August 7, 2010 by Slice The New Ranger cast has been confirmed.

  2. Starr Manning said

    I can’t wait to see more pics of ava reese and the others keep them coming

  3. Cody Harvey said

    Does any one know the date of release?

    • OujaStrike said

      sometime Early 2011 Maybe February-March

      • Cody Harvey said

        Are you absolutely sure about that? I have seen in several places on the Internet where people believe that the toys will appear around Christmas. It would seem logical for Bandai to do this, since they wish to re-introduce the Rangers. What do you think? Any responses would be appreciated.

      • OujaStrike said

        Bandai said it on their twitter account i’ll put the link here.


        Go down to the 18th of November

    • Cody Harvey said

      Thanks for the help OujaStrike! Does anyone happen to know when the PRS toys are supposed to be released? Any response would be most appreciated.

      • OujaStrike said

        Bandai America said on Twitter it will be in stores January 2011

      • Cody Harvey said

        You are right. Sorry I doubted your info. that sucks that they will not be in until January. Thanks for the info. and all of that stuff. Keep me updated on anything new. Thanks!

  4. souske said

    i’ve seen a pic of the new megazord it’s not bad nor good cause in the pic it looked like a jumbo version or figure version of shinken-oh but if your a fan of shinkenger go for it so you won’t have to spend 100’s of bucks.

  5. lAuren said

    the blue and green rangers are hott!!

  6. Mal said

    Am I the only 16-year-old girl who’s undeniably excited for this? I hope not. 🙂

    • Maci said

      Not the only teenage girl but maybe age 16 i dunno I’m almost 19 and I’m still addicted to power rangers i know i cant wait for the premier now i just have to channel hunt for it where i live 😀

  7. Brenna said

    You are not the only teenage girl that is supper excited about this 😉

  8. summer said

    AWESOME did you know that thier mentor played grumm from POWER RANGERS S.P.D!

  9. stephen said

    i what to be on the new power rangers show i wood i like to be the black rangers if you any more sport open let me no email at stephen21gordon@yahoo.com\

  10. amibeth love said

    it would be neat if the rpm power rangers teamed up with the new samurai power rangers[haven’t seen a power ranger team up in a while]it would also be neat if tenaya returns to join the power rangers samurai group,that would be super neat to see another power ranger team up and a character from power rangers rpm return in the new power rangers series.i bet the new power rangers series will be good.

  11. […] Power Rangers Samurai 2011: The Cast of the New Power Rangers. August 201020 comments and 2 Likes on WordPress.com 3 […]

  12. zane herr said

    I love the power rangers samuri i want to be on your team i was priticeing my moves and samuri trinning i am the bestpower ranger ever zane

  13. I love najee de tiege .i really wanna be a friend to najee de tiege . And that my brother jesse loves the red powerranger.and i always love the blue powerranger.and hang out with najee.love you najee de tiege your so sexy(:

  14. Whittany Kilburn said

    Hi this is Whittany,
    How are Alex Heartman?
    I heard you are a cool man.
    You must be famous.
    Sincerely, Whittany Kilburn

  15. OujaStrike said

    Thank You all for all the comments one of my most popular post

  16. Cristopher said

    Why did you guys end power rangers samurai you guys are awesome

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