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Saban Brands at Brand Licensing Europe 2010 Day 1.

Posted by OujaStrike on September 28, 2010

A big thank you goes to Espio the Chameleon on RangerBoard who gave us some details on Power Rangers at the Brand Licensing Europe 2010.

Many thanks to mr Tony Ross for agreeing to speak with me

Now on to questions

Who has the DVD distribution rights
“under negotiation”

Who has the video game rights
“bandai namco, among others which are under negotiation”

Do you plan on releasing DVD boxsets
“yes we do among other projects such as specials, Dtdvd movies, we have a whole backlog of 700+ episodes we intend to release to the power rangers fans worldwide”

Any plans for a theatrical movie?
“there are plans for it however it depends on public reception to the return of the brand, if the reception is good even if it’s not as good as 1993, production of a new theatrical movie will go ahead”

Any plans of a return of Sabans masked rider
“we are evaluating possible plans which may strengthen the power rangers brand and I have been told that footage of a crossover between the source footage of masked rider and the source footage of power rangers has been acquired, whether it will be used within the series or saved for a possible DVD special is as of yet unknown as there are still licence negotiations underway”

Also shook hands with a Mr Elie Dekel(sp?)

2 pics and a promo vid soon.

So it looks like we might see the Crossover from Kamen Rider Decade & Samurai Sentai Shinkenger into Power Rangers.

Great News on the DVD Seasons BoxSets it’s about time they come to america.

More info as it becomes available.

Stay connected for info.



2 Responses to “Saban Brands at Brand Licensing Europe 2010 Day 1.”

  1. Teddy said

    Are they planning on putting the original Power rangers 700+ episodes on blu ray and dvd or just dvd?

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