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Starting next year i will be doing Power Ranger Toy Reviews.

Posted by OujaStrike on November 26, 2010

Starting next year with the Release of the Power Rangers Samurai Toy Line i will start do video reviews on my 2nd Youtube Channel OujaStrike. Also i will be placing a Comment on each video if anyone would like me to review My older Power Rangers Collection.

How this will work is i will place a comment and if i get let’s 10 or more votes for a PR toys i will review it & i will reply to comments to let you know if i have the toys i will wait 1 week to see how many people want me to review the older Toy line, & Any Future Power Ranger Season Sets/Volumes on DVD/Blu-Ray.

The Toy Lines i have are.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Power Rangers Zeo.
Power Rangers Turbo.
Power Rangers In Space.
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers Time Force.
Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
Power Rangers SPD.
Power Rangers RPM (Morphers Only)

The Most toys i have are from MMPR and i have tons of Morphers, Weapons & Zords and some action figures.

I also have Kamen Rider Toys just some if get comments for Kamen Rider Toys then i will also review them as well.

The Video will be under 10 minutes because i have a Sucky Camcorder that i can only Upload Straight to Youtube that has a Youtube Function only and that has a 10 Minute Video Length.

Take Care Power Rangers Fans.
You can find me on 3 Power Rangers Forums that i post at the most and they are.
Rangerboard – mmartinam
Rangercrew – OujaStrike
Henshin Justice Unlimited – mmartina

Marty M


4 Responses to “Starting next year i will be doing Power Ranger Toy Reviews.”

  1. Slice said

    that’s awesome man, can’t wait to see those 🙂

  2. […] Original article here. […]

  3. pracawdomu said

    This is the best blog Im have a bloog too and I inspired by your entries

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