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Power Rangers Megaforce 2013 The Cast of the New Power Rangers & Teaser Trailer

Posted by OujaStrike on August 18, 2012

A Special Thanks goes to RangerCrew/SamuraiCast for the info, Teaser Trailer & Henshin Justice Unlimited for the pic

The Cast of the Main 5 Power Rangers were announced today at Power Morphicon 3 once the 6th Ranger is announced i will post it in this blog post.


Sean CW Johnson Lightspeed Red Ranger posted a pic on the right looks to be the new Silver Ranger Cameron Jebo no word on what his name will be on the show.


Andrew Gray as Troy Megaforce Red Ranger

Azim Rizk as Jake Megaforce Black Ranger

John Mark as Noah Megaforce Blue Ranger

Ciara Hanna as Gia Megaforce Yellow Ranger

Christina Masterson as Emma Megaforce Pink Ranger

Cameron Jebo as (TBA) Megaforce Silver Ranger

The Teaser that was shown was the Legend War with former Sentai Teams, it seems they may keep the Pre Zyurangers teams in the footage



2 Responses to “Power Rangers Megaforce 2013 The Cast of the New Power Rangers & Teaser Trailer”

  1. Gil f mousseau said

    I think thay should use all the other 15 teams of rangers thay could be rangers from a different time like timeforce and sod.

  2. Gil f mousseau said

    That last word should be spd.

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