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My Reaction to Epic Games removing DBNO in Gears of War Judgment

Posted by OujaStrike on December 14, 2012

Gears of War Jugment will not feature DBNO in Multiplayer

Yesterday on Twitter Chris Wynn who is a Senior Pruducer for the Gears of War Series responded to a question if besides FFA (Free For All) will DBNO (Down But Not Out) be in the normal Multiplayer Game Modes once he said no All Hell went loose with Big Fans including me on Gears of War.

The Epic Games Forums has been buzzing with outrage on how they can removing a Game Mechanic thats Gears of War & whats not in other Shooters like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Ghost Recon & others, I agree  completely with the Outrage it’s sad what’s happening to my Favorite Video Game Series Gears of War. One Thing it seems they are catering to the cod fan base who will play for around 1 month and go back to cod and ignoring the Hardcore fan base that supports their series plus it takes away the Gears of War Foruma that different from the other shooter games.

I think Epic needs to put a least a few Game Modes with DBNO with DBNO how will we play Execution, Warzone & Guardian.

I will still get Gears of War Judgment but i’m not even looking forward to the multiplayer it will be Campaign & OverRun, i will still try the MP but i’m not liking the Direction Epic Games is going with Gears of War.

I Might get hate for this Blog Post but it has to be said, if it changes i’ll update this blog post.


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