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My Thoughts on the Changes in Gears of War Judgment

Posted by OujaStrike on December 20, 2012

With the release of Gears of War Judgment right around the corner their’s been a lot of changes gearheads have notice here is my thought on the changes.

DBNO remove from MP. this is a big mistake i can see certain gamemodes it being remove like FFA but DBNO is a staple of Gears of War and out of the current shooters it makes Gears of War Different.

No Locust in MP. Epic what the fuck are you thinking of removing the locust the main Villains of the series their in campaign, overrun, why not MP. according to the article an interview with Quinn Delhoyo no one likes playing as the Locust, are you kidding me i never heard of anyone who hates playing as the Locust, me i like playing as the cog more but i also like playing as the Locust.

Blue vs Red Cog. Are we playing Halo or Gears of War i do not want cog vs cog we need cog vs locust plus what happens when someone calls out incoming frag no one will know who’s side is making the call.

No Execution. with no more DBNO it’s going impossible to have Execution unless their’s a classic playlist, i hope Execution is in judgment it’s a great gamemode.

Domination (no more KOTH) not really a big deal for me i’m not much of a koth player but the name needs to be change it has to many connection to call of duty

Control Change. Not really a big deal most fps games/tps shooter have the same layout but i wish their was a classic control settings.

Loadouts. Their is no more 2 Primary loadouts you get to pick your gernades riffle shotgun or new sniper the Markza not a fan of the change but how would Game Battles work?

No Active Reload Bonus. good move at times the damage from far to mid range was insane but i will miss shooting 1 bullet out of my Gnasher to active it.

No Stopping Power. Great Move but it seems from Judgment Gameplay’s of the Lancer is still just as powerful as it was in Gears of War 3.

Boomshield with Primary Gun. Not a fan but it will be a smart move by epic that makes players go for it besides avoiding it.

I think Epic Games needs to add a Classic Playlist like this. with 2 Playlist sections

Without DBNO, Locust, CogvCog

other game modes

With DBNO Execution Locust two Primary’s guns

other gamemodes



2 Responses to “My Thoughts on the Changes in Gears of War Judgment”

  1. BRUCE said

    We need the locusts epic . I personally love the theron guards and general raam and not having to use any of them will be a real bummer epic . i like cog but i personally would like to use the locusts.

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