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Power Rangers megaforce Trailer & Ranger Bios now online

Posted by OujaStrike on January 18, 2013

Today Huffingtonpost posted a article and the debut Trailer of Power Rangers megaforce we should start seeing the Trailer on Nick real soon.

Meet the new “Power Rangers” of “Power Rangers Megaforce.”

The new series kicks off on Nickelodeon on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 1 p.m. EST and the Rangers will be taking on invading aliens. The new rangers of “Power Rangers Megaforce” have command of the land, air and sea to battle the forces of evil.

Ciara Hanna plays the Yellow Ranger, Christina Masterson is the Pink Ranger, Andrew Gray is the Red Ranger, Azim Rizk plays the Black Ranger and John Mark Loudermilk is the Blue Ranger. It wouldn’t be “Power Rangers” without a mysterious Ranger, this season it’s Robo Knight, whose identity will be revealed.

“Power Rangers Megaforce” marks the 20th anniversary of the “Power Rangers” franchise. This series will see the “Power Rangers” battle the evil Warstar aliens. Gosei, a supernatural guardian who has protected Earth with his robot aide Tensou, calls upon the five teens to become the “Power Rangers.”

Here the YouTube Version uploaded by prsamuraicast

and also today nick posted their megaforce page with ranger bios and the rangers last names, here are some screenshots of the megaforce page.










about me







No Bio yet for Robo Knight maybe once Robo Knight debuts it will be posted.


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