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One Life To Live – My thoughts of Chapter 1 Part 1

Posted by OujaStrike on April 29, 2013

One Life To Live
Chapter 1 Part 1
Hello my name is Marty Martina and this is my recap and thoughts on the first episode & relaunch of Prospects Park’s One Life To Live.
This won’t be a complete in depth review just what happens in each scene, Not sure if i will do this for each episode or maybe just 1-2 per week.

Scene 1. It starts in Llanfair with Viki Lord & Clint Buchanan. Viki shows clint the The Banner Newspaper Cover Story Dorian Lord at Center of Brewing Senate Scandal.

Scene 2. David Vicker with Cameraman Liam going thru a scene talking about The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo that i did not do well at the box office but did well in DVD sells, in comes Dorian talking to david about Damage Control from The Banner Cover Story,

Scene 3. Natalie Looking for something to wear & in comes her & John McBain’ son Liam, he can’t sleep and she’s gonna Sing him his favorite song before his Baby Sitter Jody arrives.

Scene 4. Tea at the crib which would of been for her son Victor and Dani Manning walks in trying to get here intention & talking about Shelter the New Club owned by Blair Cramer & Cutter Wentworth, Tea sings a song in a rocking Chair thinking of Little Victor.

Scene 5. Bo and Nora question Matthew why did has Drugs on him called Oxy,.

Scene 6. A Shady Figure in Black with a Tattoo on his wrist is on the run.

Scene 7. Jeffery King arrives at Llanfair ringing the bell on Viki’s front Door and Nigel answers the door.

Scene 8. Cutter ask’s Jacob how’s the line at the club going, Destiny Evans arrives at Shelter and is allowed into the club, Destiny starts dancing to the Music in Shelter.

Scene 9. The Shaded Figure still on the Run.

Scene 10. Todd Manning enters a Limo.

Scene 11. The Shaded Figure gets attack from behind by another gut dress like him in Black Clothing.

Scene 12. Todd tells the drive to take him to Capercorn but now known as Shelter and tells him to take him to Shelter.

Scene 13. The Attacker completes his attack on the other guy dress in Black.

Scene 14. One Life To Live Opening Intro with the cast dancing Song by Iza Lach featuring/Written by Snoop Lion the Track is Called Brand New Start.

Scene 15. David reading the Cover stroy from The Banner, David ask Dorian what happend.

Scene 16. Viki welcomes Jeffery and talks about the Cover Story, Jeffery ask for a Staff Job.

Scene 17. Natalie takes with the Sitter.

Scene 17. Matthew bickering with his Parents & bumps into Jeffery.

Scene 18. Cutter talks with Rama Patal

Scene 19. Blair hiting a guy at the Bar & the guy turns her down sy saying thanks lady i’m not really into cougars.

Scene 20. The Guy dress in black on the Run.

Scene 21. Todd Manning arrives at Shelter.

Scene 22. Matthew talking with Destiny, Cutter’s Speech.

Scene 23. Dorian on the Phone, Dorians words for Blair, Dorian & David Talk.

Scene 24. Dani & Jack talk. Dani Drugged bad, from the looks of it Dani walks in on a girl giving a guy a blowjob, Natalie & Cutter Dance, Matthew Jeffery & Dani.

Scene 25. David makes his entrance, Blair & Tea, Todd & David sneek into the Club.

Scene 26. Todd & Blair.

Scene 27. Bo Nora & Clint talking about the Wedding.

Scene 28. Natalie arrives home.

Scene 29. Dorian storms into Llanfair to confront Viki.

Scene 30. Todd rescues Dani, Surprise Enters Victor Lord Jr.

Their’s my in depth of the scenes of Episode 1 i will do Episode 2 Tomorrow.

Really the only concern i have is the Sex. The use of the VIP Oral Sex where Dani witnesses & a lot of previews of OLTL seems their may be quite a bit of, i think it’s just needs to be tone down a little bit but other then that very good episode.

Let Me Know what you think of my Thought of Episode 1.

Marty Martina

3 Responses to “One Life To Live – My thoughts of Chapter 1 Part 1”

  1. I loved both show. I can’t wait to learn how Victor escape from his prison. I don’t understand how Bo thought that the drug that he discovery belong to Matthew and I can’t wait to learn why Danielle got involved with the latest drug. I can’t wait to read your latest updated. Good luck to the future.

  2. I am glad that the writer told how Victor escape from Allison. I don’t remember if the writer told that Allison escape or she is behind bars. I hope that the actress will appear in future episode. Good luck to the future.

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