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One Life To Live – My thoughts on Chapter 1 Part 2

Posted by OujaStrike on May 2, 2013

                                                        One Life To Live
                                                        Chapter 1 Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my my scene walkthrough and thoughts on episode 2 chapter 1 part 2, sorry it’s so late wanted to wait a few days after episode 1 was posted.

Scene 1. Todd, Tea, Blair, Jack, Destiny, Matthew, Jeffery arrive at the hosiptal.

Scene 2. Viki & Dorian talking about the Scandle.

Scene 3. Dani suffer an overdose, Victor checks into dani’s room, Intro.

Scene 4. more Viki and Dorian

Scene 5. Cutter trying to calm things down.

Scene 6. Everyone finds out Dani was using Oxy.

Scene 7. Viki and Clint find out about Dani.

Scene 8. Victor surprises everyone by being alive.

Scene 9. Todd and Victor fight, Tea talks to Victor.

Scene 10. Cutter and Rama.

Scene 11. David and Dorian

Scene 12. Todd with Viki, Metthew, Jeffery & Destiny, Clint talks with Matthew.

Scene 13. David thinks someone’s setting Dorian up.

Scene 14. Viki & Jeffery, Destiny & Matthew, Victor talks with Jack,

Scene 15. Todd & Blair.

Scene 16. Cutter & Rama celebrate shelter’s first night.

Scene 17. David & Dorian.

Scene 18. Jeffery on the Phone, Doctor gives an update on Dani.

My Only Concern was other then Tea & Todd no one seem shock to see that Victor Lord Jr. is alive and well. Each week i will do a scene walkthrough on the best episdoe for that week, see you all next week.


One Response to “One Life To Live – My thoughts on Chapter 1 Part 2”

  1. I must agree with you about Victor Lord Jr. being alive. It seem everyone forgot that Todd was charge with Victor Lord Jr. murder and Allison keep Victor prison. I hope that the writer will show what happened to Allison. Is she behind bar? Good luck to the future.

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