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Why Bandai America Why

Posted by OujaStrike on June 28, 2013

Here are my Thoughts on Bandai American Making Tommy’s Gold Legacy Power Morpher with Dragon & Tiger Power Coins Exclusive to San Diego Comic Con.

Bandai is making a huge mistake how can they make the Gold Legacy Morpher Exclusive to Comic Con & most people don’t really care that much about Power Rangers maybe other then Mighty Morphin.

Don’t you want the Hardcore Fans a chance to get the Gold Power Morpher never before release other then Custom Made Gold Power Morphers.

I get that Comic Con is a big deal but most Fans of Power Rangers can’t make it to Comic Con

The Gold Morpher might be the most sought after toy in Power Rangers, Bandai Fans will want to buy it Please release it in Stores & Online at Toys R Us.

Sure i could buy it on Ebay after Comic Con but People will scalp the Price way over what they paid for it, if you thought the Original Legacy Morpher was over price on Ebay just wait for all of us to see how much the Gold Legacy Morpher will be.

Only 1,000 will be made for Comic Con.

Please Bandai Please reconsider it being Exclusive for Comic Con and make it available for us Huge Fans of Power Rangers a way to get the most Wanted PR Toy maybe in the History of Power Rangers.

I’m not trying to Hate on Bandai America but they really gave me no choice but to hate this decision.

Thank You for everyone who reads this let’s hope Bandai America see’s this and responds.

Marty M



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