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VGX Titanfall News & Titan Class Info

Posted by OujaStrike on December 8, 2013

Yesterday at the VGX Video Game Awards we have some more news on Titanfall. The First Trailer showed a new Titan called The Ogre which is slower than your normal Titans but looks to be more powerful.

The seconds footage feature some gameplay with the new Titan called The Stryder which is more built on Speed and Dashing for quick escapes and a lot smaller than other Titans.

The Stryder Titan Class VGX Gameplay Footage

According to Titanfalls Twitter Account we should hear more info on the Titans in Titanfall in the next couple days link Beta Access? The Team at Respawn said on the VGX the team is thinking about having a Beta for Titanfall but if you call the Phone # at Hammond Robotics the Fictional company that builds the Titans in Titanfall.

The Number is 1-888-88TITAN You wil get a Voice Message that reads Ask your sales associate about our upcoming live beta test, bookings are going fast with limited availability.

The Full Audio Phone Message


Respawn has added info on the Ogre Titan below i will have a screenshot once The Atlas and Stryder Titans have info i will update the post.

The Ogre Titan Class info & Trailer

Ogre   Official Site

The Stryder Titan Class info & Trailer

Stryder   Official Site


The Atlas Titan info & Trailer

Atlas   Official Site

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