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My Gears of War 4 Wish List

Posted by OujaStrike on February 6, 2014

This is my Wish List for the upcoming Gears of War game coming soon to Xbox One made by Black Tusk Studios.

It will only Cover the Multiplayer apects of the New Gears of War Game.

Movement: Gears of War 3 might have had the best movement of any Gears of War Game.

Grenades: Starting Grenades should only be Smoke or Spot, Judgment feature way too many grenade spamming with Frags.

Starting Loadout: should be 1 smoke/spot, Snub Pistol, Rifles – Lancer, Classic Hammerburst, Hammerburst, Shotgun – Gnasher.

Controller Schemes: Classic Gears 1-3 & Judgment FPS Style schemes.

Locust: Multiplayer Must have i repeat Must have Cog vs Locust in Multiplayer, no one enjoyed the cogvcog multiplayer in Gears of War Judgment.

Down But Not Out: Without DBNO Gears of War is not Gears of War it’s a must have for Multiplayer.

Maps: Gears of War needs to return to the Symmetrical maps, Judgment feature Asymmetrical Maps.

Two-Piece: have the Gnasher the way it was in Gears of War 3 best Gnasher and you never had to Two-Piece.

Characters: Have every Character from the whole Gears of War Series cog & locust including new Characters.

Character Dialog. More Character Dialog in Multiplayer Matches.

Gnasher Ammo. Have Gnasher starting ammo at 16.

Return Boltok Pistol & Gorgon to Multiplayer.

Have a Limited amount of Playlist and mix Ranked & Quick Match into 1 matchmaking format.

Mantle Kick: Find a way to fix the Mantle Kick if it can not be fix just remove it.

Armor Skins: Please No Armor Skins.

Sponging: Try to find a way to fix the Character Sponging when players are using the Gnasher.

Active Reload Bar: When active reloading a weapon makes the perfect active depending on the weapon in near center to near the end of the bar.

Returning Game Types: I want Execution, Guardian, TDM (GoW3 Version) Horde, Beast, Overrun, Wingman, King of the Hill, Annex to return from the previous Gears of War Games.

Grenade Planting: it’s fine tagging players with grenades but make sure you can’t plant grenades to the floor, wall, etc at least with the Frag Grenade.

Unlockables: Gears of War 3 & Judgment feature way to many Microtransactions have Weapon Skins & Characters to unlock rather than buying them, i’m fine with some being bought but most of the skins should be unlocked thru Campaign & Multiplayer Matches.

Spectator Mode: Have Spectator Mode return with Weapon Pickups, Weapon Swaps, etc and listen to the competitive community once the Black Tusk Studios Gears of War Forums opens in a few weeks.

I will update this list when i think of more things to add.

Marty M


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